The Poplar River Aboriginal Head Start program's overall goal is to support early child development strategies. Opportunities are provided for local preschool children to develop a positive sense of themselves and encourages a desire for learning. It supports and involves parents and guardians as primary teachers and caregivers of their children and acts as an outreach to parents of these children. It provides a "hot meal program" that is held every Wednesday. Local elders are also invited for storytelling. Parenting Programs are available and are provided twice a week. Van transportation is provided for parents requiring transport. The Head Start Centre officially opened on January 26, 1999.

Contact Information

Phone Number : (204) 244-2308

Fax Number : (204) 244-2302

Staff Listing

Delvin Franklin - Aboriginal Head Start Coordinator

Winnifred Mitchell - Parent Involvement

Samantha Mckay - Ed. Assistant

Perreault Bruce - Custodian