The Poplar River School is administered by the Poplar River First Nation. We have 223 students from Nursery to Grade Nine. We have a full time Principal and Vice Principal with a teaching staff of seventeen teachers, including a resource teacher, native language teacher, computer teacher and physical education teacher. There are fifteen educational assistants in the early, middle and senior year programs. The school was constructed in 1981. Besides the classrooms, the school has a well-equipped gymnasium, and a small library. There is a staff lounge, general office, principal's office and teachers' work room. School support workers include a school secretary, truant officer, bus drivers, custodians and maintenance workers, and kitchen staff. School transportation is provided for the students by the Poplar River First Nation.

Contact Information

Phone Number : (204) 244-2113

Fax Number : (204) 244-2259


School Administration

Principal -Patrick Anderson

Vice Principal - Lawrel Budd

Administrative Assistant - Sarah Disbrowe

Director of Education - Emile Mason                                    

Post Secondary Counsellor - Debby Favell